Local Markets Tour

Enjoy the colour and activity of the fish & spice markets on a personal tour that starts on the beach where you watch fishermen land their catch for the day from dhows and canoes. With a view that stretches from the picturesque harbour, across Mtwara Bay and far out into the Indian Ocean, this area would warrant a visit at any time. The presence of the Fish Market on the beach however brings the place to life with people buying and selling their fresh produce.

The fish market itself consists of a series of small wooden stalls, in front of which the fishermen pull up in their dhows or canoes, and then empty their haul onto the sand to be inspected.

After visiting the fish market your driver will take you to the main market in Mtwara where spices, fruit and vegetables are on sale.


Duration: Two to three hours as requested. It is good to arrive at the markets early so the driver often leaves at 6.30am.
We arrange: Transport to and from the fish market and Mtwara market.
You require: Adequate protection from the sun, water if needed and local currency if you wish to make a purchase at either of the markets.