tree-nurseryTree Nursery

Trade Aid have planted a tree nursery in the Boma grounds to grow seedlings for local schools so they make their school ground a little more green and to teach them about the importance of the nature around them.

The trees are planted by local school children who watch them grow as we all care for them until they’re ready to be planted. Children are given a booklet on how to care for their tree and about the importance of sustainable growth when they pick up their trees.


Mikindani-Eco-Kids-Logo-250pxMikindani Eco Kids

Trade Aid are working towards establishing a children’s activity group to encourage an interest in the outdoors and heritage by teaching children the importance of the environment and their history. We hope to encourage this through games, visits to the countryside and possibly even visits to Selous Game Reserve to demonstrate the importance of conservation.


conservationConservation Area

Trade Aid are working with the national government in Tanzania to create a conservation zone in and around Mikindani that will create special provisions to protect historical buildings and environmental treasures in this unique portion of Southern Tanzania.

Trade Aid are not only sponsoring the establishment of this zone but we’re also sponsoring the restoration of key historical buildings and coordinating the efforts to include the local community in these plans and increase their involvement.



The Old Boma is a vocational training hotel and provides training to over 60 students per year and in 2014 secured full time employment for almost 75% of its students with the rest either entering further education or continuing their training in the hotel. All our staff trainees and The Old Boma provides a unique environment where guests can view these lessons and are encouraged to interact as much as possible with our students and even get involved themselves!



Trade Aid sponsor several students each year to attend VETA, the local government sponsored vocational training college. VETA trains students in many different trades such as plumbing, car mechanics and carpentry. It also provides more educational subjects such as business administration and secretarial duties. Trade Aid cover the complete costs of these courses providing vital opportunity to those who cannot afford. There is also opportunity for you to sponsor a stucent yourself!


Water Projects

Trade Aid recently sponsored the installation of a water pipe in the nearby village of Mitengo. Mitengo previously had no accessible water source and it’s local council simply didn’t have the finds to install one. After an appeal to Trade Aid, Old Boma staff assisted in the preparation and funding of this project and now continue to help maintain and monitor access to this vital resource