Tropical Paradise

Is Mikindani a Tropical Paradise?
Our latest Trip Advisor review states we are “Paradise – pure and simple”,  but what makes a tropical paradise?  Everyone has different preferences for a perfect holiday – some like luxury, some like adventure, some like gourmet, but we meet the most common criteria for tropical paradise; palm trees, deserted beaches, clear turquoise water, and a simplicity that embraces the idyllic surrounding environment.  We can also add to that list; large refreshing swimming pool, colourful tropical gardens, delicious lazy breakfasts, cocktails on our sunset terrace, spa with a choice of treatments and superb local snorkelling and diving.  If all of the above sounds like your idea of tropical paradise then visit our offers page of email us for details of our best offers.

If you want to visit a tropical paradise but are concerned about the Zika virus, Tanzania is not currently affected by this virus.  There are no reported cases of Zika via either active mosquito borne transmission or travel related transmission.  Read more about the Zika virus here.


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