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Mikindani lies at the heart of cultural heritage in Southern Tanzania and along with Kilwa is one of the best surviving examples of coastal Swahili culture in the region. Nelson Mandela once said that people’s cultural heritage has a profound power to help build a nation. This principle has guided Trade Aid & The Old Boma throughout the last twenty years. The Old Boma is an example of how cultural heritage can benefit people and bring prosperity and skills to Tanzania. With the incredible co-operation from Mtwara-Mikindani Municipality and The Department of Antiquities this benefit has now been extended to ALL of historic Mikindani.

Mikindani is now a conservation zone!

On the 25th of August 2017, Mikindani was named an official conservation, with its heritage protected under law. Nyerere himself said that real development cannot happen without the people, and this is the same for conservation. This community effort will help protect Mikindani’s heritage for all future generations and will help business and entrepreneurs utilise a protected heritage to bring economic prosperity to Mikindani.

On February 20th 2018, Trade Aid, in cooperation with Mtwara -Mikindani Municipality and the Department of Antiquities will be holding an event to celebrate this potential. We invite all Trade Aid and Old Boma supporters to attend this event. We will be celebrate local cultures with Bao tournaments and canoe races as well as celebrate entrepreneurship by opening a new food market for traders to sell their goods. The event will also celebrate heritage by announcing the plans for Livingstone House Museum, opening public toilets and celebrating the success of The Old Boma training Hotel. The event will also be supporting environment conservation as we fight against dynamite fishing and damaging fishing techniques.

Maintaining one’s culture, values and traditions is beyond price, but when this can be combined with prosperity and opportunity, this is when heritage can become sustainable. This is the aid of Trade Aid, and the aim of Mtwara-Mikindani Municipality.

We hope that as many of you as possible can join us at the event!

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